Scientific Notation

Converting Large Numbers into Sci Not
Scientific Notation - Practice

Electromagnetic Radiation

Moonlander: The Electromagnetic Spectrum

Orbital Energy Diagram and Atomic Electron Configuration Tool

Interactive Electron Configuration Tool
Atomic Electron Configurations

Atomic Structure

It's Elementary...for a Mad Scientist
Electronic Structures of Atoms and Ions
Test Your Skills - A good review of Atomic Structure

Periodic Table

Periodic Table - Learn about the Trends and Structure of the Periodic Table as well as some common electron configurations.
Sizes of Atoms and Ions

Chemical Bonding

Covalent Bonding - A ChemThink Interactive activity
Ionic Bonding - Another ChemThink Interactive activity
Molecular Shapes - Yet another ChemThink activity


Naming Ionic and Covalent Compounds - Hone your nomenclature skill
Cards: Naming Binary Ionic Compounds - More practice
Solubility of Ionic Compounds - Construct an Ionic compound by a cation and an anion. The formula, name and solubility in water will be given.

Balancing Chemical Equations

- Check your answers for the EQUATIONS worksheet I handed out in class.
Classic Chembalancer - If you are learning how to balance equations for the first time, play this game.
Review Chembalancer - If you are reviewing how to balance equations, play this game.
Brain Boggle Chembalancer - If you finish early and want some really hard equations to balance, play this game.

Percentage Composition

Chemistry Tutorial - Percent Composition - The percent composition (percentage composition) of a compound is a relative measure of the mass of each different element present in the compound.
Percent Composition - More practice for you to try.
Mass Percent Composition- Press "New Compound" and a chemical formula will appear to the right of the table. Calculate the mass percents and check your answers.