One of the best things about science class is doing experiments in a laboratory. Whether you are conducting experiments in a classroom, a high-tech science lab or the International Space Station, it is important to follow the rules for laboratory safety. Proper care and use of equipment in the lab will help to ensure a more reliable outcome to an experiment (NASA, 2009).

You and your classmates will be engaged in gathering information on working safely in the chemistry lab via a webquest. This is also your first practical classroom experience with Google Documents.



  1. Take a look at the following Google Document. Notice there are many questions covering a wide array of lab issues.
  2. When this Google document opens, sign in to your Google account.
  3. From the FILE Menu, choose Make a copy...
  4. From the FILE Menu, choose Rename...and rename the document as follows: Your Last Name.P(1, 3, 6, or 8).Lab Webquest. For example, my document would be: Skubis.P5.Lab Wequest.
  5. Share this document with Mr. Skubis at
  6. Using the Internet, investigate the answer to each question. Type the answer to each question in the Lab Webquest document.
  7. Format your document. Be mindful of grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
  8. When you are finished answering all the questions, be sure to have shared your document with me at by the DEADLINE date & time. Grading guidelines for this part of the project can be found on this RUBRIC.
  9. Good Luck!

DEADLINE: Friday 9/15/2017 by 11:00 pm