Personal Deportment:
Good classroom habits and behaviors are vital to a healthy learning environment. The following rules will be strictly adhered to.

1. Respect

  • self: Be proud of who you are and what you have to say. Be confident, yet humble.
  • teacher: Don’t call out; answer only when called upon. Do only what you are asked to do. Never argue in the classroom.
  • classmates: Treat others as you want to be treated. Everyone has a right to opinion; respect them all.
  • school: Keep the classroom, desks, books, lab stations and equipment clean and free of graffiti.

2. Attendance

  • lateness: Be in your seat and ready to learn when the bell sounds. If you have a pass from an office, report to Chemistry first. No second-hand messages!
  • absence: Don’t cut class or school, the class will not wait for you nor will I re-teach the lesson. Only if you have an excused absence will you be allowed to make up tests, quizzes and labs.
  • personal business: You will be allowed to use the classroom pass 3 times per marking period. Passes are not cumulative or tradable. Use them wisely!
  • attention: Sleep at home, not in class.
  • active participation: Answer questions by raising your hand. Be prepared to ask questions when you don’t understand something.
  • Passes: A pass from a teacher or an office is not an automatic GET OUT OF CLASS FREE card. I reserve the right to supersede ANY pass, depending on the daily class activity.

3. Preparedness

  • supplies: Bring to class everyday the following: notebook, pencils, & calculator.
  • CALCULATORS: NO Graphing Calculators or PDA’s may be used during ANY test or quiz!
  • study: Read & study your notes before coming to class.
  • written homework: Just do it!

4. Lab Safety

  • Proper Clothing: CLOSED TOE SHOES ARE A MUST!
  • Hair and loose clothing: Adequately secured
  • Safety Glasses: WORN AT ALL TIMES! Failure to adhere to safety protocols will result in disciplinary procedures and grade forfeiture.
  • Horseplay: Chemistry lab is a serious time. Fooling around, throwing things, misuse of laptops, eating/drinking, etc. will NOT BE TOLERATED!


5. Electronic Devices

  • Cell Phones, notepads, mp3 players etc. can be used in class ONLY WITH TEACHER APPROVAL!
  • When the bell rings to start class, all electronic devices must be SILENCED and PUT AWAY.
  • Violations may result in disciplinary procedures.

6. Miscellany

  • Food & Drink Policy!
Quite simply, there is to be NO consumption of any food or drink in class! This includes the chewing of gum! Besides good etiquette, A8 is a science laboratory, making eating and drinking a serious safety issue. Keep all food/drink containers stowed inside your locker.


7. Excused Absence

The procedure for excused school absences is as follows:
Make-up day is held every Wednesday in room A8 immediately after 8th period (no exceptions). All missed work, tests, quizzes, labs, must be made up on that day. You must make it your responsibility to be in room A8, prepared to work, for however long it takes to complete assignments.
Missed Class Notes and Homework - It is your responsibility to get any notes from a classmate and carry out any assignment.
  • NOTE: Every student has a maximum of 5 class days to complete a missed assignment. After that,
    the grade will become a " 0 ".

    Absence is not an excuse for missed work!
    If you will be out of school for more
    than 5 days, contact the school office.

    LATENESS: on lab reports will be penalized 10 points each day. Homework is NEVER accepted late.